Monday, June 05, 2006

Leaving dos

Have put the posters up for my leaving do. It will be one of many the station has had of late, as loads of people have transferred, retired or jacked the job in altogether.

A quick scan of Divisional Orders each week shows loads of officers doing any of the above. It's also interesting to note the amount of probationers who are resigning before they've completed their two years. Makes you wonder - did they decide the job wasn't for them, or is the job so difficult on new probationers that it takes superhuman levels of patience and perseverance to survive the initial period?

Either way, we're at the stage now where if there were ever to be an overtime ban or restrictions, we wouldn't be able to carry out all of our roles and responsibilities. Of that you can be sure. It's partly down to lack of officers and pisspoor management of officers that are there.

Yet at the same time there exists a list of officers who earn in excess of £1000-£2000 per month in overtime. I don't know if anything is done about this list. Certainly if bossess ask staff to cut down on the overtime they'd cause some major problems, since initiatives and obligations would go unfulfilled, and the bosses in charge of making sure these are met would face some tough questions. On second thoughts, if it's likely to affect a managerial career, nothing will be done that is adverse to the advancement or protection of that career.

Maybe I should ask the bosses how much they earn each month, and keep a list? It's the same principle, and they do less than half the actual work we do!

"There's been a murder! We need to investigate it!"
"Sorry, we haven't got the staff - they're all tied up on performance management evaluations, specifically with regards to meeting budget savings targets"
"Right well let's get people in on overtime - the killer has left a note saying he'll strike again within two weeks."
"Oooh, bad news on that one too..."

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