Monday, March 27, 2006


Was e-mailed this web site by a reader, and am having a look through it at the moment, currently watching the 'Police State 2000' video.

Have a read through and draw your own conclusions. Unfortunately I'm quite boring and prefer arguments like those presented on this site to be presented in a dispassionate, academic manner, so that I can make my own mind up, so it'll take a while before I decide whether or not I agree with the viewpoints proffered on this site.

Have to admit I tire very easily of any theory that uses the rhetorical mechanism of comparison in such a way that it compares the subject of its argument with that of the Nazis, but if the rest of it can stand up without reliance on such comparisons then I'll forgive them!

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At first glance this guy seems to have point, then as I read I realise he's not too bothered about gun ban, he's another civil liberties/freedom of rights person who hates his Tonyness.
I he doesn't really have any particuarly valid arguments.
Good to see some common sense here in the UK for a change. It's sad to look at the once-great Britain and see a "violent criminal's supermarket" as he calls it.

And government-sponsored terrorism is something we know all too well here in Northern Ireland. The RUC working with the RHC / UFF / LVF etc. -- who'da thunk it! Why the hell anyone would want to trust big government, or would be willing to live as a defenceless slave, I'll never know.
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