Thursday, February 23, 2006

New TV show

The title: "Girl Cops"

The blurb:

"Assaults, domestics, and lost parrots are all part of a police officer's lot.

Where Girl Cops differs is the time spent off as well as on the beat.

Witness the daily lives of the quick witted, commanding, feisty and cheerful women police officers of Greater Manchester Police, and find out what makes them tick.

Humorous and heartfelt, Girl Cops takes an honest look at what it takes to be a successful working woman today"

The picture:

Which begs the question - is this programme going to be a serious portrayal and insight into life as a female police officer, both on and off duty, and the challenges as they face balancing their work lives with their personal lives, or with such a 'dumbed down' title, TV Week-friendly blurb and a "chorus line" photo, should this show be received as merely light entertainment at the expense of the hard-working officers involved? You decide.

Apparently it's on next Monday at 8.30pm on Beeb One.

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Watching it as I write .... pretty dull and the narrator sounds like a moron (Big Brother style of commentary ... So no change there then). Shan't watch the second or repeat episodes
Girl Cops, what a pile of horse manure.
Did anyone think that that 37 year old who was buying her own house was showing off for the cams? She was as thick as two short planks, showed us off in a bad light, bunches in her hair and chewing gum like a ruminating cow.
So they choose to show a dippy officer in pigtails; an officer who 'can't do smells' and a CID officer whose efforts at intervieiwng a juvenile were somewhat lacking in....anything really. What a fanastic and oh so true reflection of your average female bobby. How young lasses round the country must be looking up to these specimens hoping to join the police and some day be just ike them.....why do they never interview male coppers who 'don't do smells' or ask them about breakups etc? All engineered to make us look like daft little girls in a mans world. I totally resent it and haven't bothered tuning in since watching the first ten minutes of the first episode.
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