Thursday, December 22, 2005


Hi one and all!

This little corner of the Internet will be devoted to my thoughts; insights; ramblings; rants and whatever other words you choose to use, about the small glimpse into the world of policing as I see it.

A little bit about myself - I am a police officer in a large city somewhere in the UK. I've been doing it for a number of years now, and have worked with a number of departments; stations; operations; reliefs and officers during that time.

Whilst there are other policey-type blogs out there, written by both Regulars and Specials, each author has varying levels of experience, perspectives and opinions, formed from the areas they work in, the jobs they've deal with and the people with whom they interact, no matter who the author is. Thus everyone has something different and interesting to say. THAT'S what celebrating diversity is all about - and one doesn't need a two day course to tell you that!

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Welcome to the fray. Policing as an occupation provides some incredibly varied work. Plenty of room for many more blogging I'd say. Diversity?...ooh that was the course where I had to do colouring-in for an hour...
"And so it begins". Hmm. Not a Babylon 5 fan are we?

Welcome to a new law enforcement blogger.


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